A vision for India


          Our former president, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, gave a vision for India at the time of assuming his office which when put into practice will make India the best nation in the world.

          He said that the main aim of our people should be to empower the people below the poverty line, make them healthy and give them education. He felt that the important elements, which constitute a nation are being disease free, wealthy, high productivity, harmonious living and strong defence.He said that all our efforts should be focused on building these five elements at various levels in a coherent and integrated manner.

          After outlining these elements, our former president said that we should have a nationwide movement to transform India into a well developed country and the action should start immediately. He also opined that our parliamentary system of democracy along with the structure of our constitution has stood the test of time, hence should be upheld without fear or favor combined with fairness and firmness. He felt that we are driving the strengths based on the framework of the union of sates through co-operative federalism. He went on to add that we should develop competitive strengths in each state so that they excel at the national and global level. Summing up his speech, our President said that to create this national transformation, we all need to resolve ourselves to work and toil for the development of the nation .Each and every one of the billion citizen of our country should have the great vision, the vision of transforming India into a developed nation powered by economic strengths with value system. He concluded by saying that if we work with ignited minds, the transformation leading to birth of a vibrant developed India will happen.  



                                                                         V.Lakshmi Narasiman



















Work hard not for medals,

But to save yourself from

Getting pedalled.

Study not for ranks

But not to land up with cranks

These are the years

When we must study.

So that later you don’t have to ask

For a favour from a buddy!

Never delay things

If you want to live like kings

Come to satya,

You ought to work now

For later you don’t know how

And what predicament may fall

Causing your downfall.


- Lagna Mohanty XI A

























A tiny bird upon my window sill

Sits and rests his worn out wings

And views the world from elevated perch

Has freedom to fly happily and freely on all the sides


He has no jab, or worry

Doesn’t have to work for his daily bread

For him, the grocery store is everywhere

And food is at no cost


His children grow and leave his nest

He doesn’t worry for their drugs and stuff

Not even about the new in countries far and wide.

Has little in his own life


He has vacation the winter

In southern which has climate so pleasant

And travels not for the summer

Not ever he looses his luggage.


Birdie upon my window sill

I cannot stop lying envious

I want that freedom you enjoy

I wish for wings to fly.


- B. Srujana  IX D





How great it would be

If only we could fly

I won’t be late to school anymore.

No more standing out during the assembly

No more scoldings from principal.


How great it would be

If there were no homeworks

I would be able to play for more time.

No more deadlines for submission of homework

No more scoldings from teachers for incomplete work.


How great it would be

If we could transform from anything to everything.

If we could transform into a lizard and scare teachers.                                  

No more would there be boring classes

No more would I doze off.


How great it would be

If everything we wished for came true

I could wish for anything

No more necessity to write this poem and

No more necessity to complete English holiday homework.


- Jyotshna Bali  XI A






















I lay in sorrow, deep distressed;

My grief a proud man heard;

His looks were cold, he gave me gold

But not a kindly word


My sorrow passed- I paid him back

The gold he gave to me;

Then stood erect and spoke my thanks

And blessed his charity.


I lay in want, and grief and pain

A poor man passed my way

He bound my head, he gave me bread.

He watched me night and day.


Now shall I pay him back again

For all he did to me?

Oh, gold is great, but greater far

Is heavenly sympathy




























The source of love is God

The centre of love is sacrifice.

The origin of love is faith

The power of love is prayer


The seed of love is sincerity

The harvest of love is happiness

The nature of love is trust

The pulse of love is concern.


The essence of love is generosity

The secret of love is friendship.

The joy of love is sharing

The miracle of love is forgiveness.


The test of love is adversity

The beauty of love is growth.

The result of love is survive

The sparkle of love is hope.


The wisdom of love is patience

The reality of love is fulfillment

The sound of love is harmony

The bliss of love is peace






















Who said it’s easy?

Who said it’s a breeze?

Being a teenager,

Is what I have always wanted to be?

Now I can be one

And trust me,

It is not that much fun

Unless you have got the right friends,

It’s a tough one.


School, sports, fun and friends

Wish it all went well

But when you are a teenager,

Life sometimes can be nothing,

But hell!


It’s a tough ride

The scariest one I have ever been on

With it’s roller costar tracks

It’s easy for it to be

Booms, cracks and smacks,

What an awful dream


It’s going too fast

Now it’s going too slow

Can’t this part of my life,

Be something, so much more?


Only pressure

Seems to fill the way

If once in a blue moon it’s fun

Its back to pressure,

Just like everyday


Hope the remaining

Part of my teenage life goes much better

Removing all the bad times

And not leaving it so bitter.


Who said it’s easy?

Who said it’s a breeze?

Being a teenager,

Is what I have always wanted to be?                           By- SRUTI PILLAI


CUSTOMER- (to the barber) how much for a hair-cut?

BARBER-         5 rupees sir.

CUSTOMER-  how much for a shave?

BARBER-         3 rupees sir

CUSTOMER-   ok, shave my head.

                                                                        ~ * ~


DOCTOR- “I see you have lost 2 teeth since I saw you last”

GOPI-         “I didn’t lose them doctor. I have got them here in my pocket.”


                                                                        ~ * ~


SAGAR- “My boss was sorry when I told him I will quit next week.”

RAVI-      “He was probably hoping that it was this week.”


                                                                        ~ * ~


PRABHAT-   “Why was a fence put around the graveyard?”

ABHISHEK- “Because people were dying to get in.”


                                                                        ~ * ~


PATIENT- “I read your long article on insomnia”

DOCTOR- “Is it?”

PATIENT- “It sent me to sleep.”


                                                                        ~ * ~


TEACHER- “If it were possible for me to make a hole from India right through the                               earth, where would I come out?”

NARESH-     “At the other end, sir”















                                                Northern Chill


        Come December and the country witnesses a dip in mercury. This drop is drastic over northern and eastern parts whereas the southern part is not very cold. I had the chance to visit Dehradun and Delhi in the winter season. I had not experienced the chill of northern India for a along time as I spent the last few years in the western and southern parts of the country. So I was really excited to visit north India in winters. I also had to update my wardrobe for the winter seasons!!! It was something I was looking forward to.


I reached during Christmas and it was a different atmosphere altogether. At first, I did not feel the chill but it did not take long for the “winter bug” to hit me! People all around were wrapped up in layers of warm clothes. The market had varied designs of sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarves, etc. The part I found extremely different from the summers was the food and drinks. People tend to eat a lot as the cold makes them hungry and the hot food keeps them warm. Nights in Delhi were comparatively quieter than summers as people do not venture out late at nights. They prefer sitting in their blankets at home with the heaters on. The days are warm and basking in the sun is joyful. I felt really weird doing so, as sitting in the sun is something most people in Chennai avoid!


The windy days were the worst as the breeze aggravated the chillness in the atmosphere. A change is always good and since I was visiting for a short time, I enjoyed the cold weather. I am glad that I got an opportunity to experience my hometown when the atmosphere was wrapped in a layer of cold.




                                                                     Tanvi Mehta                             

                                                                     XI A                                                            

















      A Letter To Mahatma Gandhi



Dear Sir,

Living in today’s world, we people hardly make any sacrifices. The independent India is now developing and this is all because of your efforts. Times have changed, people have changed, the world has changed; but memories of you still remain in every heart. Even in the modern day India is incomplete without Mahatma Gandhi.


            As a mere 16 year old, I have been greatly impressed by your techniques. Your policies of non-violence not only influenced the people of your time but also of today’s generation. Had it not been your efforts and contributions, India would not have been a free country today. Amongst all the great people of your time, I feel you were the most effective and influential. You r inspirational ways attracted thousands of people and united them.


            It made them realize that unity is strength.You bound the whole nation together and using truth and non violence as your prince weapons, you drove the British out of our country.  Your trials of bringing together Hindus and Muslims were truly remarkable.


I feel it is very important for members of various castes and religions to live in peace and harmony so as to build a strong and united India . You may be glad to know that Hindu- Muslim relations are gradually strengthening.


Recently a number of movies have also been released that bring out the importance of your efforts. People are finally beginning to realize that violence wouldn’t get them anywhere. I think, it is good that people have started to understand that adopting your ways of non-violence would prove more beneficial to both - the people and their country. It gives me great pleasure to tell you, sir, that all your acts have not only influenced us school children, but have also attracted the attention of the people at large.


It s really an honour to have even heard of great people like you. Not everyone can sacrifice his own needs to fulfill a thousand other people wishes. It is my good fortune that I got an opportunity to write to you! Meeting you in person has always been my dream, but I guess some dreams have to remain as they are - no possibility of their fulfillment.


I assure you, sir, that we will try our level best to fulfill your dreams of glory of India . We will be persistent in our efforts of making India a developed country, which is ruled by truth, non-violence and love.


Yours faithfully

Hansa Venkateshwaran XI B



School Days


Some say school life is the best

But I consider it’s just a fest.

Although, agreed, not so much fun

But for sure boring days are none.


Some hate history and always bunk

But it’s no mystery that they’ll flunk.

Guaranteed PTA’s gives a scare

But extreme cases are very rare.


Some days you’ll find life trouble-filled

This mostly has you utterly baffled

Trick is to keep the matters simple

And find yourself having a dimple.


Often you’ll find life becoming hazy

That mostly drives you totally crazy

There’ll be times when you can’t be sure

That’s when you’ll find friends are your cure.


All the growing dreams and ambitions

Obligates us to make critical decisions.

And when confusions make goals obscure

Teachers are always there for our rescue.


A few always compete and hold a rank

But that doesn’t matter to be very frank.

Just build up a personality head-strong

It’s no wonder that you’ll never go wrong!


                                                                             -R. Vidya, XI-A















     Hello, I am Goutam studying in 8th standard. I would like to share those beautiful days of bird watching which was conducted by ‘Prakriti’. Now I am going to start my story. On 29th April 2007 my father came home and told me that there is a bird watching camp. Later, on the first day of the bird watching camp, I went to the spot where we were told to assemble in front of Vana Vani. The first day we were given an introduction about birds, like how to spot a bird etc. That day we also saw some birds like ‘Seven Sisters’ which are also called ‘Babblers’. Because they always babble and they move in groups of seven. Then we saw Mynas which is of ‘Starling Family’ and a Parakeet in flight. You know, there are two types of crows. One is Jungle Crow and other one is the House crow. Jungle crow is fully black in colour, but the House crow has ash colour on its neck.


The next day also we went behind Vana Vani and ther we saw ‘White Brow Bulbul’, ‘Purple Ramped Sunbird’, ‘Malitia’. A bird which is rated among the beautiful birds. Then we saw a ‘Palm Swift’, a ‘Tree Pie’, ‘Magpie Robin’ and a ‘Copper Smith’ which was seen with our naked eyes and all these birds showed us a nice display.


On the third day we went behind the ‘ Durga Peeliamman Temple ’. There the first two birds which we were the ‘Red Whiskered Bulbul’ and the ‘Red Vented Bulbul’. We saw these both types of bulbuls on a peepal tree. They mostly eat berries and some fruits. The others birds which we saw were the ‘Blue Rock Pigeons’, the ‘Pond Heron’, ‘White Breasted Kingfisher’, ‘Pied Kingfisher’, ‘White Breasted Water Hen’, ‘Golden Backed Woodpecker’ and we were coming out we saw the ‘Shaker’ which is also known as ‘The Bird Of Prey’. Such types of birds are called ‘Raptors’.


On the fourth day we were taken inside the stadium. There we saw a ‘Golden Backed Woodpecker’ and a ‘Purple Romped Sunbird’. Then we moved further in to the forest, there we mostly heard the voices of different birds, like ‘Tailor Bird’, ‘White Headed Babbler’ and ‘Red Wobblier’. Then we were able to identify the birds by their voices. In the stadium some of us spotted the ‘Shakier’ and before the others could see it, flew away.

On the fifth day we all assembled in the K.V. Grounds. There were many trees and in one of the trees we happened to see the nest of ‘Shikra’ very closely. After some time we were asked to find a ‘Sunbird’s’ nest which was abandoned in a particular place which Susy aunty told. I couldn’t find it but some of them could. Then we saw a few ‘Rose-Ringed Parakeets’ in flight. Then slowly we entered the department side. A bit further, there was a Moho tree. Susy aunty was showing the smell of a mango tree to other aunties and my friends were sitting in the parking lot. I was near the parking lot, when I stepped on a wild red ants house, and they bit me on my left leg and even my friend Anand also stepped on it and he was also bit by the ants. These ant’s marks are on our legs. Afterwards Murugavel uncle showed us many birds of Chennai and India . He also showed us the pellets (cleaned and uncleaned) of the owl. Then we came back to the K.V.Grounds.


On the sixth day we were taken to the forest which was behind O.A.T. Mostly ‘Parakeets’ made their nests in that forest. We were asked to assemble in front of the library. From there, when we were about to go inside the forest, we saw a ‘Golden Backed Woodpecker’ and its nest, and from there we went inside the forest. In the beginning for sometime we couldn’t spot any bird, but we were able to hear the voices. At that time Susy Aunty kept a kind of test. The test was that you must hear the voices of birds and their names. Afterwards aunty heard voices of 9 birds and out of that I got 7 correct. Then one of my friends spotted a ‘Gringo’. When we were walking we spotted 3 ‘Rose-Ringed parakeets’ on a tree and 2 of them were fighting inside their nest. Then we saw a ‘Magpie Robin’ on the ground. Afterwards, some of my friends spotted the ‘Golden Backed Woodpecker’ and its nest. Then we saw many ‘Copper Smiths’ (Barbets) on a tree and a ‘Rose-Ringed Parakeet’ to the left end of the tree. All of them gave us a very nice display. Then when we were coming out of the forest we saw a ‘White Bristled Kingfisher’ very closely. When we moved further we saw the Kingfisher again. This time we saw it’s front part. Then we went back to the library and this was our sixth day’s experience. This day was a most beautiful day where we saw many birds showing their nice display.


On the seventh day we were asked to assemble in front of the Peeliamman Temple . Then Susy aunty brought a Rat snake’s skin.  From there we went to the old children’s park where Baskaran uncle clarified our doubt’s about birds. We were given books on birds of India . This was the seventh and last day of the bird watching camp organized by Prakriti, the wildlife club of IIT Madras.


-N. Goutam, VII ‘A’




April Day



When the last of the guests left, I went back into the hall.  The furniture’s were arranged in a disordered manner and wasted food was lying on the dinning table. The television was on and I could hear music from it. I proceeded four steps further to switch off the television .To my horror the door got locked and lights got switched off. I could hear the footsteps of someone nearing me. I tried to search for the candle. But failed and still the footsteps of someone was nearing me. I got afraid and cried for help. But it seemed like nobody was there to help me out. I could feel the touch of someone on my shoulder. I was really frightened to turn and see back. I again shouted and cried for help. At last I could hear my father’s voice in turn to help me out. The doors opened and the lights were switched on.

          To my surprise I could see my sister in front of me laughing and saying ‘April fool’. That was one of a memorable day.