• Seeds Today - Trees Tomorrow
  • Children Today - Citizens Tomorrow
  • Students Today - Alumnus Tomorrow
  • Every student keeps to heart the fond memories of the Vidyalaya after leaving the school.
  • The alumni reverentially address their old school as ' alma mater' a latin word meaning ' foster mother'.
  • An informal gathering of over a hundred alumni way back in February 1986, gave birth to the Alumni Association of our Vidyalaya.
  • We are proud to have an active Alumni Association.


The Alumni Association works in close association with the school management in the  execution of various projects useful to the school. Over the years the Alumni Association has executed a number of useful projects. To name a few -

  • Providing display boards
  • Cycle sheds
  • Computer training for students
  • Aqua gaurd facility for safe drinking water
  • Books and uniform to the needy students
  • Equipment for physics lab
  • Classroom furnitures
  • Renovation of toilets
  • Model Class room with all amenities
  • Funding for the Children's Day Celebration and many other services for the students.
  • Every year a debate competition is conducted for the students of classes VI to XII sponsored by Shri.Chilli Sastri , a distinguished Alumnus.
  • Every year, the meritorious students are also honoured by the alumni association.
  • KVIIT Alumni Day is celebrated on the third saturday of December every year.
  • for details visit

 Hats off to the Alumni Association of KVIIT, for their tireless services ! Keep it up !


Dr.. M.Manickasamy
Kendriya Vidyalaya
IIT, Chennai - 600036

Mr. N.T. Thirupalu - 1992

Mr.N. Raghavendran

Mr.Boopathy Rajendran

Mr. S. Anirudhan

Joint Secretary
Mr. Varun Sridharan

EC Members
1973 Batch Representative
Dr.Gurumurti Natarajan,
Mr. K.S.Ravi

1974 Batch Representative
Mr. V.R. Venkataraman,

1975 Batch Representative
Mr. Subodh Srivastava
Mr. Raju Ravikumaran

1977 Batch Representative
Mr. C. Lakshman Rao
Mr. A . Venkatesh

1979 Batch Representative
Mr. K.N. Satyanarayana

1981 Batch Representative
Mrs. M. Mymoon Mr. Narayanan

1982 Batch Representative
Mr. K.R. Sundaram Mrs S.Jayashree

1984 Batch Representative
Mr. R.C.UmashankarMr. Murthy Chundury

1988 Batch Representative
Mr. Bhaskar Krishnamoorthy

1992 Batch Representative.
Mr. Ramesh Ramachandran

1995Batch Representative.
Mr. Thirumohan. N
Mr. R.M Srinivasulu

1996 Batch Representative
Madhan A B

1997 Batch Representative
Mr.Suresh Gopalan ,
Ms.A.Sai Priya

1999 Batch Representative
Ms. Sujatha S
Ms.Anitha K

2000 Batch Representative
Mr.Suresh Thangarajan

2001 Batch Representative
Ms.Subha K

2003 Batch Representative
Ms. Aparna

2005 Batch Representative
Ms. Madhumitha Kamalakannan
Mr. Bharathwaj

2007 Batch Representative
Mr.Saravana Kumar

2009 Batch Representative

Mr.Fred Jonathan

2010 Batch Representative
Mr. Aravind NM