In  Scouts and Guides section there are 89 scouts, 85 guides, 45 cubs, and 37 Bulbuls enrolled. There are 5 Scout Masters, 4 Guide Captains, 2 Flock Leaders, and 1 Cub Master trained in various levels.

Last year 1 scout and 1 guide passed Rajyapuraskar level. 14 scouts and 9 guides passed Thrithiya Sopan level.

We celebrated important functions like Thinking day, Gandhi Jayanthi, etc ., in a befitting manner. We had one day camp in connection with Thinking day. A Walking rally in side  I.I.T campus was conducted to save environment, and Road Safety.  Scouts & Guides help as  volunteer  during functions  like Sports day , Annual Day etc. Scouts & Guides performed a very nice display of March past & Pyramid Formation on Sports Day
It is suggested to conduct Rajyapuraskar Testing Camp at Zonal Level so as to give better chance of participation.

The Annual programme for 2015-16 is as follows:

04.04.2015 Enrolement 6th      
18.04.2015 pravesh syllabusLaw, promise/ abont the movement, motto, prayer song , good Turn diary Dwithiya Sopan requirements Fire safety,Gas leak Thrithiya sopan requirements  
02.05.2015 flags square lashing  Thrithiya sopan Knots,Proficiency badgeNo.1  
27.06.2015 completion of pravesh Test  sheer lashing Tent pitching P.B no.2  
04.07.2015 investiture ceremony  , Uniform figure of eight lashing Bandages  
25.07.2015 Pratham sopan requirements-General rules of health,BP's six exercises,-3 exercises Timber hitch,diagonal lashing (mock drill conducted by scouts) Preparation of log book  
01.08.2015 Hand and whistle signals ,BP's six exercises,-3 exercises first aid- improvised stretcher, burns and scald, sprains, sting, bleeding nose,  Hike -report  
22.08.2015 wood craft sign follow trail  Activity compass, direction ,map setting Estimation  
19.09.2015 sheet bend, whipping rope, reef knot estimation  
26.09.2015 clove hitch, round turn & two half hitches fire- demonstration, safety preparation, mock drill  for evacuation First aid  
03.10.2015 fisher man's knot, sheep shank, bow line  03.10.2015 & 04.10.2015 camp Preparation of lopg book.  
17.10.2015 Troop game, orderly movement marching proficiency badge debator/ gardener    
07.11.2015  First aid box,use of roller bandage,triangular bandage,cuff and collar sling Culture & heritage Log ,Compost pit Work/ Discussion with parents ,neibhours about pollution problems    
21.11.2015 Triangular suspension sling,first aid for cuts and scratches Preparation of log book    
05.12.2015 patrol outdoor meeting- at IIT stadium(preparation for pratham test) Activity Preparation of log book    
19.12.2015 patrol outdoor meeting 2  (near SAC)-nature study project -Activity Preparation of log book    
02.01.2016 (cleaning-bustops 1 week upto 09/01/2016 everyday) Dwithiya sopan test    
23.01.2016 Pratham Test      
Required : 1)flags,flex banner for display and scout flag A4 size flex
2)scout uniform and guide uniform
3)compass : 4 nos. (mariner's compass)
4)portable white board with stand
5)20*10 Shamian's materials 
6)For Invertiture scarf/ woggle/cap/badges/belt
7)Port and materials - first aid box - badges